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Choi Siwon International Fanbase. This forum is made to unite Siwon's fans around the world, support Siwon and to pray for Siwon together. If you are a new member, let us Welcome you first, you can introduce yourself. Please show your continuous support and love to Choi Siwon ♥

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Picture of the week

Those are fans' art for Siwon bday, we tweeted one by one during April 7,2012 on twitter to celebrate Siwon's bday

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 ❤ Birthday Gift for Siwon's day

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PostSubject: ❤ Birthday Gift for Siwon's day    Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:31 pm

Beside give him warm gift by donate to Africa under Siwon's worldwide fans name
, we also will celebrate his birthday on twitter and send him your birthday gift ^^

Please read carefully :

Celebrate Siwon's birthday on twitter

On siwon birthday, April 7, let's use Profile picture with Siwon's baby pic. Start on April 7. at 00.00 KST
Please choose below pics ^^ :

Hashtag : #HappyBirthdaySiwon

Any image or video for Siwon's birthday that u mention to @Siwonlover on April 7, Siwonlover will help to RT.

thanks to Hiroe to wrap all fans art into heart shape ^^

Sending Gift to Siwon

For this part, please read carefully

These are details of how to send your birthday gift to Siwon

1. Check our countries list, if we have representatives in your country or not.
If not, u can email us to ask help ( with subject title : [ASK HELP SIWON GIFT] )
-Peru -> Lorena
-USA, Yocelin
-Indonesia, Tities
-Singapore -> will add details later
-HongKong , Natally
-Philippine -> will add details later
-France, Aurelie
-Australia, Irene (this is special case, you should send to her before April 13)

To countries not mentioned above, pls send directly to this address
Haneul Choi,
B102 (Inside of basement), 129-5, Hasangok-dong, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, SEOUL 465-250 KOREA
phone number (+82 10 9197 5313)

in hangul
대한민국 경기도 하남시 하산곡동 129-5번지 지하 안쪽. 우편번호: 465-250 최하늘 앞

Quote :
Please let us know after u send your gift, so we can enlist you here and wait your birthday gift . So there would be noone left behind. Dont forget put 'siwonlover' after your name. To indicate u are siwonlover member. REMEMBER : YOUR GIFT SHOULD ARRIVE IN SEOUL BEFORE APRIL 28.

2. Pack your gift. And dont forget
Please mention your country.
Please put "Siwonlover" under your name inside the gift. Or if its impossible u can put after your name on the wrapper. To indicate u send gift with us.

3. Email us to register your gift.
So we will wait your gift till arrive at our representatives place.
Due date to send email : April 5 with subject title : [Siwon bday gift]
Mention details :
- Your Name
- Your Location:
- What is your gift : Fragile/not Fragile
(It's better if it is not fragile)
- Exact Weight :
(please give exact weight)
- Dimension :

4. I will reply your email and inform :
- Where should u send your gift. We will give you address of our representative in your country.

- How much u should pay for shipping cost to korea based on your gift's weight.
Since we send it in bulk, so we can get cheaper cost. The shipping cost will be paid by all fans proportionally

5. After receive reply, send your gift very soon. We will wait untill April 15.

6. We will announce list of the fans whose gifts will be sent to siwon thru us.

7. All gifts will b sent to South Korea at April 16. All gifts will be delivered to Siwon thru THESiwonest Korea on April 28. (Why April 28 ? Because on April 7, Siwon is in Paris. Also due to his full packed schedule in April and filming new drama, we have chance to deliver all gifts in early May. )

1. From Belém, Pará -Brazil, Gabriela Melo Alves dos Santos
2. From Bali, Indonesia , Erika Suciari`
3. From Iraq, Somei
4. From Hongkong, Natally Lam (already given directly to Siwon)
5. From Hongkong, Lorita
6. From Manchester, UK, Hongmei Chen
7. From Indonesia, Livianne Tanuwijaya
8. From Indonesia, WIdya Purnama Sari
9. From Singapore, Grace Lin
10. From HongKong, Hilda
11. From Mashad city, Iran, Gilda Farshchian
12. From Singapore, Shermaine Tan
13. From Indonesia, Clarissa Lay
14. From Indonesia, Sharon
15. From Indonesia, Agustina
16. From USA, Besty
17. From USA, Annie
18. From USA, Kim
19. From USA, Kaela
20. From Iran, Zohreh

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PostSubject: Re: ❤ Birthday Gift for Siwon's day    Tue Apr 03, 2012 5:47 pm

we don't make hastag for siwon's birthday?
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Location Location : Arizona, USA

PostSubject: Re: ❤ Birthday Gift for Siwon's day    Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:41 pm

When can we expect a reply about where to send the gifts?? ^^;
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Location Location : japan Shizuoka Pre.

PostSubject: Re: ❤ Birthday Gift for Siwon's day    Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:33 am

hello..Ms.Eunice, SiwonLover^^

I'll send Birthday's present to THESIWONEST in SKorea^^

so I don't avail SiwonLover ,and sorry about it..!;_;

but I sure send present for Siwon,and pls remember it ^^

thank you for love and friendly kindness to Siwon fans^^

thank you very much!!

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PostSubject: Re: ❤ Birthday Gift for Siwon's day    

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❤ Birthday Gift for Siwon's day
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