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Choi Siwon International Fanbase. This forum is made to unite Siwon's fans around the world, support Siwon and to pray for Siwon together. If you are a new member, let us Welcome you first, you can introduce yourself. Please show your continuous support and love to Choi Siwon ♥

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 General Discussion of Return to the Past (如果回到从前)

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General Discussion of Return to the Past (如果回到从前) 9-2

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PostSubject: General Discussion of Return to the Past (如果回到从前)   General Discussion of Return to the Past (如果回到从前) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 26, 2012 11:34 am

Title: Return to the Past 如果回到从前
Genre: Fantasy fashion (?) romantic comedy
Origin : China, Taiwan
Language : Mandarin
Episodes : 25
Approximately running time :
Broadcast start on: end of 2012 or early 2013
Official website :



Choi Siwon as Song Chen Yi, 宋晨曦
He can provide a woman romance, but he can’t give her bread. He’s a handsome cheerful young man, but in the future he’ll turn fat and bald. Right now, this twenty-five year old big boy, can he once again win Ming Yu’s heart? His grandma is a seeming know-it-all with a cheerful personality, who keeps trying to bring Ming Yu and Chen Yi together. Based on grandma’s throwaway hints, Ming Yu suspects grandma may be from the future as well.

Wang Luo Dan as Li Ming Yu
At thirty-six she gets into a car accident and her soul returns to her twenty-two year old body. She has a chance to re-do her life again, and she plans to not make the same mistakes this time around! Twenty-two year old Ming Yu lives with her older sister and brother-in-law, and she sees their interaction with each other is exactly how she and Chen Yi are fourteen years later. She vows not to let that future happen.

Yuan Hong as Yu Qu Hao
From a rich family, he’s not interested in inheriting, he wants to build his own business empire. Young, handsome, full of confidence, he’s the darling of the commercial world. His considerate attitude is tinged with rebellion, and he’s every woman’s ideal boyfriend. But in truth, he’s not as perfect as he seems. He’s stubborn, wild, hates the shallow world, doesn’t socialize well. Until Ming Yu appears, then things start to change. Ming Yu tames this noble wild horse, but will she change her original choice because of this man? His father is a funny guy that is different than the driven Qu Hao. He initially doesn’t like Ming Yu, but is slowly touched by her personality and affect on Qu Hao. He eventually totally wants her for a daughter-in-law.

Jenny Zhang (rumored) as Bei Bei
For love, she doesn’t hesitate to change herself. In the original time line, Bei Bei and Ming Yu are best friends whose different personalities complete each other. In the alternate time line, Ming Yu as lived a difficult life after choosing Chen Yi the first time around, so she changes into a practical and jaded personality rather than her original romantic and idealistic self. This in turn causes Bei Bei to change her fate. Bei Bei and Min Yu were once BFFs who shared every secret, but in the end, their view on love differs and they gradually drift apart...

Production Credits :
Production Company: Hunan TV
Executive Producer :
Scriptwriter : the scriptwriter of Office Girls, Easy Fortune Happy Life, PS Man, and Zhong Wu Yen
Shooting Location : 2 months in Shenzhen, 1 month in Taiwan
Shooting Period : April - June 2012
Estimated budget
Each episode cost about ... to produce.

Filming Process :




credits to ockoala via
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General Discussion of Return to the Past (如果回到从前)
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