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Choi Siwon International Fanbase. This forum is made to unite Siwon's fans around the world, support Siwon and to pray for Siwon together. If you are a new member, let us Welcome you first, you can introduce yourself. Please show your continuous support and love to Choi Siwon ♥

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 [17-02-12] Skip Beat Press Conference in Singapore

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[17-02-12] Skip Beat Press Conference in Singapore  Empty
PostSubject: [17-02-12] Skip Beat Press Conference in Singapore    [17-02-12] Skip Beat Press Conference in Singapore  Icon_minitimeFri Feb 17, 2012 1:50 pm

  • Ivy says Siwon loves to eat Hot Pot while Donghae only eats the 'kids foods' like ice cream.

  • Siwon mentioned the difference bwtn filming Korean and Taiwan drama is that 便当(packed food) is provided for lunch.

  • Donghae said he's closest with Eunhyuk before they came together & Siwon are of same age, but they became close after.

  • Donghae said Siwon is the dad, Ivy is the mum, Donghae is the kid. He then said "Mum, I'm going to school!"

Credit: sgXCLUSIVE

  • In the "Behind the Scenes" footage shown, Siwon is labelled as the one who always thinks about Taiwan food!

  • Siwon: He is very grateful for the warm response, and hopes for enthusiastic response regarding their drama, Skip Beat

  • While talking about the surprise school visit the cast made this morning, Siwon jokes that he is around the same age as the students.

  • Siwon said that he was very nervous about the kiss scene from the moment that he received the script.

  • Siwon says that since their drama is a remake of the original version, they worked very hard to follow the original feel.

  • Siwon says that he learnt a lot from his role in Skip Beat, and acting as a top star, it reminded him of the times when he was a trainee.

  • While acting the role of a top star, Siwon thought of the hard work and sweat he shed while working towards who he is now.

  • Siwon thinks that by doing the best of what he can, he will work hard to present the most professional side of himself.

  • Donghae says that Super Junior's Kyuhyun was the one who got very excited when he found out that Donghae would be acting with Ivy Chen

  • Donghae said that while they were filming Skip Beat, they were also in the midst of their 5th album promotions, and it was a little hectic.

  • As a celebrity, Siwon says that no matter how busy or tired he is, he always has to present the best side of himself to the audience.

  • Siwon believes that because they trust each other, Donghae will do very well in whatever he does.

  • Donghae says that before Siwon joined Super Junior, he was very good friends with Eunhyuk, but didn't have a good first impression of Siwon.

  • Donghae also said that Siwon is like a brother, a friend, and also like a father.

  • Donghae also mentioned that Siwon often gives him hugs when he does well, making him feel protected and loved.

  • Siwon believes that in life, they will have difficult and good times, and often tells Donghae when he has any troubles.

Credit: scanationsg

  • It was said that Siwon likes to eat kids' food like ice cream during the shooting and is very concerned when it comes to the time to eat!

  • Donghae and Siwon said they missed their high school days!

  • Ivy thinks that Donghae is very cute like a high schooler while Siwon is very gentlemanly!

  • The fans told Donghae and Siwon to treat the female lead better!

  • Siwon was reluctant and struggled for some time before acting out the scene which involved the middle finger.

  • Siwon's role in drama is a celebrity, he had learnt many things during the shooting and recalled the time when he was still a rookie.

  • DJ Ah Ken commented that Siwon is already a top star, but Siwon humbly replied that he's still far from that title.

  • Ivy felt that Donghae and Siwon were extremely charismatic when she watched their LIVE performance and felt very honoured to have worked with them before.

  • Siwon would look into Ivy's eyes when he forgot his lines, and she would use her eyes to remind him.

  • Donghae thinks that time is a crucial factor for filming drama in Korea and it's very rushed.

  • Donghae expressed that they had to take leaves to return to Korea for the production of their 5th album in the midst of shooting Skip Beat and is thankful for the crew's understanding during that period!

Credit: KAvenyou

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[17-02-12] Skip Beat Press Conference in Singapore  Empty
PostSubject: Re: [17-02-12] Skip Beat Press Conference in Singapore    [17-02-12] Skip Beat Press Conference in Singapore  Icon_minitimeMon Feb 20, 2012 4:51 pm

Ivy: They were very happy to be able to take pictures in the school, and it was nice to see all the fans gathering around.

Trivia: it has been 8years since Ivy stepped into a school, and it has been 10years for Siwon.

Q. What was Donghae’s school life like?
Donghae studied in a school for males only. But beside his school was a Girl’s school. So after being released from class, he would be able to see a lot of female fans screaming, since he started working with SM Entertainment in his first year.

Which of the two members of Super Junior does Ivy prefer?
Ivy: They are both cute. Donghae is like a small boy, and Siwon has very good manners, and would sometimes show a cute side of him. But both of them treat girls (like me) the right way.

Trivia: At first Ivy did not dare to touch the two men, and she always kept a distance between them because she was afraid of them. Donghae always bullies Ivy!! He’s very playful.

Q: Which part of the whole filming was the most difficult for DH?
Donghae found the part where he died to most difficult. He could not make the correct expression of a person dying, so what the director had to do was to pull his hair so his face would express the emotions of a person dying!! But Donghae would also like to film more romance movies.

*random comment* by Siwon
Reflecting on the filming process, I managed to learn a lot. We had to go through a lot of hard work just to attain success, but even with our efforts, we are still far from getting success. I found that in whatever you do, we should put in our best efforts.

Q:What was Ivy’s reaction to working with SiHae?
At first she felt quite distant to them, and it was very tedious to do a lot of things. When her friends found out that she was working with SiHae, she couldn’t agree with them when they said that they are very good-looking!!

Q:What is it about Taiwanese food that Siwon and Donghae like?
SW: The vegetables are very delicious! All we need to do is cook it for 1hour, and its ready to be eaten!!
DH: the time in taiwan felt longer than it was, and things were going slowly, so I could enjoy my meals more. I’m really thankful for the free time that we were given so we could go out and do things that we wanted to.

*random comment* from DH
Right now in Super Junior, Siwon and everybody are my close friends. When I first joined SJ, my first impression on Siwon was not very good, but he always took care of me like how a father would take care of his son. And when Siwon hugged me, it would feel like as if he was protecting me from something, because he is taller than me.
*add on from SW*
Right now when I have my problems, I always talk to DH. It’s a secret between the 2 of us only. We can talk about the problems we face for 2-3 days non-stop.

Skip Beat! is currently airing in Singapore via E City – StarHub 111/825 every Sunday at 10PM.[/font]

Interview translations Credit by: Samuel Lim
Source :
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[17-02-12] Skip Beat Press Conference in Singapore
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